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Authors: cookiedough0104

Genre: New Adult

Update: 11-01-2023

Status: Completed

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Abhimanyu Mehrotra is the coolest Mehrotra kid, there's no doubt about it. Alongside that, he is also the cupid, the matchmaker, a helping hand to everyone and the guy with a good heart. Discipline and order though two words not included in Abhi's dictionary, he's the one who breaks the rules. There are two things Abhi loves doing - partying around and drinking.He's now thrown out of the Mehrotra Mansion a.k.a MM and cannot come back to live there until he has a stable job and is financially independent. This is part of his punishment for the helping hand he lent in his cousin's contract marriage. Left with no other choice Abhi moves out of MM and rents an apartment a few blocks away from MM where his paths cross with Ananya Ramchandran.

Ananya Ramchandran is a doctor by profession and all things opposite of Abhi. She is disciplined, responsible and a no nonsense girl. The last time Ananya went to a party? Well, must have been her niece's birthday party, that's right, the only party she doesn't miss but other than that Ananya is all work and no play. When Ananya is not working she can be found binge watching k-dramas and enjoying a tub of ice cream. That's the only form of recreation she allows herself to indulge in and sometimes, once in a blue moon she does let her bestfriend take her out to shop but that's all. She lives all by herself in Mumbai, with her family settled in Chennai. Sometimes her five year old niece keeps her company when her parents go abroad for business.

What happens when these two completely opposite individuals end up being next door neighbours?

A lot of clashes, stolen glances, encounters in corridors and elevators and attending society meetings together. In between all of this will one of them lose their heart to the other and if that does happen who will be the one to?

Join me in this roller coaster of a ride to know!

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Author's Note


Chapter 1 : The Most Mesmerizing Pair of Eyes.

Chapter 2 : Complaint Number One.

Chapter 3 : First and Last Warning.

Chapter 4 : Elevator Ride With Mr. Mehrotra.

Chapter 5 : Goodbyes Are Hard.

Chapter 6 : A Breakfast Invite.

Chapter 7 : On My Mind Throughout the Day.

Chapter 8 : Trouble For My Heart.

Chapter 9 : Back To Square One.

Chapter 10 : The Reality of That Night.

Chapter 11 : Confrontation And An Honest Answer.

Chapter 12 : Drunk Revelations.

Chapter 13 : Do I Stand A Chance?

Chapter 14 : New Beginnings.

Chapter 15 : A Good Kind Of Different.

Chapter 16 : A Dinner Date.

Chapter 17 : Getting Familiar With The Mehrotras.

Chapter 18 : So Many Firsts.

Chapter 19 : Romance In The Rain.

Chapter 20 : Beautiful Moments, Suspicions & Interruptions.

Chapter 21 : Making It Up to Mr. Mehrotra.

Chapter 22 : An Unexpected Meeting.

Chapter 23 : Aarushi In The House.

Chapter 24 : Some Serious Trouble.

Chapter 25 : Mine.

Chapter 26 : Expected & Unexpected Guest(s).

Chapter 27 : Bro Code.

Chapter 28 : More Mehrotras Than One.

Chapter 29 : Baby Mehrotra Is Here.

Chapter 30 : The Love Of My Life.

Chapter 31 : Future Discussions.

Chapter 32 : First Visit To MM.

Chapter 33 : With You By My Side, Everything's Going To Be Alright.

Chapter 34 : Something Sweet Before The Storm.

Chapter 35 : The Dinner That Did Not Happen.

Chapter 36 : On A Break.

Chapter 37 : The End Of Abhi & Anu?

Chapter 38 : The Tension Is Real.

Chapter 39 : I Will, But On A Condition.

Chapter 40 : We Approve!

Chapter 41 : Good News & Bad News.

Chapter 42 (I) : Abhi & Appa's Lunch Meet.

Chapter 42 (II) : Dr. Ananya & Dr. Daksh's Dinner Date.

Chapter 43 : Our Very Own Happy Bubble.

Chapter 44 : Blessed With The Absolute Best.

Chapter 45 : Couples Who Cook Together Stay Together.

Chapter 46 : A Special Gift.

Chapter 47 : A Little Teaser.

Chapter 48 : A Special Day.

Chapter 49 : The Wonderful Wedding.

Chapter 50 : Dear Mrs. Mehrotra.


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