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The Mysteries of Hillsdale High

Authors: Sariii_xoxo

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 31-12-2022

Status: Completed

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"What the Fuck is this?", Lance said, and in my mind, I'm thinking the same thing. Here, in front of us is Pedro's burnt lifeless body. Olive screamed immensely, which pretty much almost blocked my ears.

"Wait, how do we know that it's really him? I mean, it could be anyone ", Tristan said.

I thought the same thing, till I inspected closely, and saw a piece of his jersey which displayed his team number. I picked it up and showed them.

"That enough proof?", I asked.

I turned to see Olive looking like she was having a heart attack.

"Calm down Olive ", I told her.

"Calm down, you're telling me to calm down. Pedro is dead. This wasn't what we planned to see. Worst case scenario was that he was hiding somewhere, but I didn't expect to see him dead, not just that, burnt. I need to get the fuck outta here", she made way to leave , but I stopped her.

"Guys, someone killed Pedro, and I'm pretty sure we weren't meant to see this, considering the body was burnt and buried. Something creepy is going on in this town, and we have no fucking clue what we're up against ", Tristan said.

We all looked at each other, and couldn't help but think of the hole we've dug for ourselves.

One town, a group of teenagers and one hidden truth. Expect the unexpected.