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The Marshall's Daughter

Authors: neera_naseer

Genre: New Adult

Update: 19-11-2022

Status: Completed

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This is book two of the romance series Yar Gidan Modibbo being the book one this is book two. this book has a very huge agegap between the main guy and the main girl so if you are not comfortable please do not read.

Most of the media you will find in this story does not belong to me credit goes to their respective owners thank you and negative comments will not be tolerated.
Khadija Umar Abdullahi Abdulkarim Abdallah is her full name daughter of Umar Abdullahi Abdulkarim Abdallah (Jay). She is popularly known as Sabiha the only daughter of Jay and Nafisa.

She is the definition of innocence, she is so innocent as she was sheltered all her life by her father and over protective brothers. Life has always been good to her she lives her family and will do anything for their happiness.
He is the most eligible bachelor in the world the definition of perfection. He is drop dead gorgeous and with a body to die for. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has every he will ever want
yet at the age of thirty six he still remains single.

Being the eldest child comes with lots of responsibilities and it doesn't help with his dad complaining about him being single, sometimes he feels like his dad hates him why? because what happens to him doesn't happen to his younger twin brother.

oh I forgot he got married and had a three year old tragedy came knocking his wife and his daughter died in a plane crash.
One is hard as a rock the other soft as a rose, one hot as a volcano the other fragile like an egg. Would things work out for them. Follow me to find out His reason for being single at thirty six and we'll let's see what this cruel life has in store for Sabiha.