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The Marionette • Chuuya X Reader

Authors: makiizzenin

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 02-01-2023

Status: Completed

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There is no better way to describe you than a doll, living to please your owner.

At the age of 11, Mori took you in from an orphanage and brought you to the Port Mafia; that's when you met Dazai and discovered your ability. At the age of 12, you become Dazai's right hand...except you aren't allowed any contact with the outside world. At 13, you hear a voice that you are told is nothing but a dream, at 14 you've become nothing but a puppet in the hands of a puppet master. At age 15 he's gone, and you are left with nothing.

In the present, now 19, executive Chuuya Nakahara is given responsibility of you, but when he takes you on a mission and you don't react the way he needs you to, he starts to realize something is terribly wrong with you...he just doesn't know what.

Only meeting you once in the past, what will happen when he starts piecing it all together?

How will he react when he starts to care more about you than he should?

What strings will he have to play to free you from your past?

How deep do your wounds run?

- Trigger warnings: the usual you'd find in BSD, implications of sexual harrassment.

- I will be using female pronouns.

- nsfw warning in part 2 (chapter 41).

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters except for "you". The credit to the Bungou Stray Dogs world goes to the respective owners. The plot is all originally mine, however.

Thank you to Mar for making me this lovely cover. Love always. (@marster_)