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The Love Spell

Authors: Ayeeshat1520

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 13-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Skylar went through lots of love rejections in her life, at the age of seventeen, she never had someone who fall in love with her. That was because she was cursed!

Centuries ago, one of her ancestors provoked a witch by being in an illicit relationship with her husband. The angry and jealous witch cursed her and her entire descendents to never get accepted by the person they fall in love with and to never be bestowed with prosperity in love.

Skylar thought that was a made up bullsh*t and didn't believe the story. But after experiencing four rejections and was left with a broken heart, she had no choice but to believe the crazy myth. She even vowed to never fall in love again.

Unfortunately, her vow was thrown into the gutter when her heart fluttered for someone again, this time she wasn't ready to get rejected and turned it into a mission to find a solution or cure to her ill-fated love life.

Even if it meant changing a curse with a counter curse.

The love spell!

And we all know there would be consequences for that.