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The Imperial Marshal's Wife Is Pregnant

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Update: 25-06-2022

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The Imperial Marshal's Wife Is Pregnant

Author: Lotus under the Moon

Category: Danmei Fans

Release time: 2019-07-15

Latest: Chapter 45 A Happy Ending

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Shen Yi traveled to the novel of "Interstellar Empire", and also had a relationship with the second personality of the big villain Lu Yunbo. According to the plot, there is something in his stomach. As the wife of Lu Yunbo's first personality, she is pregnant with the child of Lu Yunbo's second personality. The ending in the book is that Lu Yunbo's first personality killed both mother and child.

Option 1: Abortion secretly. Sorry, our empire doesn't allow it!

Option 2: Divorce immediately. I'm sorry that divorce is not allowed until the children of Lu and Shen's family are born.

Option 3: Pull over Lu Yunbo with the first personality. Lu Yunbo: Sorry, I'm not interested in you. Shen Yi: Who are you interested in?

Later... Lu Yunbo suddenly found out that he wanted to be a father, and his wife he had never met was pregnant! ! I'd hate to kill him. Abort the child for fear of damaging his body his. bear it? How the fuck can you bear this? Shen Yi: Husband-- Lu Yunbo: Hey! Bear with it! ! ! Tsundere and cute scum machine controlled by X cold-blooded, black-bellied, black double-personalities

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