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The God of Canterlot High & His Princesses

Authors: ChaosYoshi

Genre: New Adult

Update: 24-05-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Equestria Girls Harem X OC . Xero Xavier may seem like your average teen but he has a secret, he can use magic and is a Keyblade bearer ! Xero has been able to use magic and his Keyblades ever since he was little but he keeps it a secret so can fit in and not be treated as an outcast but then Xero and his family move to Canterlot where Xero becomes a student to Canterlot High. When Xero is on his way to school, he witnesses a girl appear out of the school's statue. This leads to a chain of events that will change Xero's life and the lives of a certain few girls as Xero realizes he cannot hide his magic or his secret of being a wielder of a keyblade forever and may have to reveal it when the people he care about are in danger. I don't own My Little Pony: Equestria Girls or My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, they are owned by Hasbro.


Xero's Profile & Harem

Chapter 1: The New Student

Chapter 2: Strangers From Another World

Chapter 3: Old Faces & New Faces

Chapter 4: Old Faces & New Faces Part 2

Chapter 5: Gaining and Meeting the Parentals 

Chapter 6: A Friendship Gets Reborn

Chapter 7: The Gathering of The Students

Chapter 8: Time to Unity as One

Chapter 9: Night of The Fall Formal

Chapter 10: Sunset Shimmer's Past & Departing to Equestria

Chapter 11 A Fun Weekend the Girls

Chapter 12: The Creation of the Rainbooms

Chapter 13: Better Than Ever Before

Chapter 14: Entering the Sirens's Den

Chapter 15: The Return of The Princess of the Stars

Chapter 16: Slumber Party, Powers & The God's Past

Chapter 17: The Mane Event

Chapter 18: Welcome to the Show

Chapter 19: From Despair to Love

Chapter 20: The God gets more Princesses

Chapter 21: One Big Date and New Band Name

Chapter 22 House Tour

Chapter 23: Training the Dragon and The Ultimate Rainbooms

Chapter 24: The Dazzling's Comeback

Chapter 25: Xero Xavier vs Joker Jack and Shen Long Parts 1 & 2

Chapter 26: A Harmonic Date with the Dazzlings & Meeting Another Twilight?!

Chapter 27: Preparations for the Friendship Games

Chapter 28: Rivals

Chapter 29: The Friendship Games

Chapter 30: The Final Event Part 1

Chapter 31 The Final Event Part 2

Chapter 33: New Students and Meeting Old Friends and Spike's Harem

Chapter 34: Training The Extreme Elementals

Joker Jack and Shen Long Bio's

Shen Long and Joker Jack's Harem

Apollo's Bio

Alex Sparda's Bio

Mini Harem

Blinding Light

Darkness Devastation

Blinding Light Part 2

Blinding Light Part 3

Extremely Important

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