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The Foolish Asset

Authors: MAGA_DARK

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 06-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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No one born perfect. Zoey Babe Ortega is a trying hard girl. Everything she did turned not so well even just simply cooking egg failed her to do so. But it never stop her to achieve all the things she want.

Since elementary, she was in love with Chanwell Zion Filkins, a man who set the bar of standards really high. He is always on top. Everyone always praising him even Zoey never failed to amaze. Until their last year in highschool came, she decided to take a move because she only want is to returned her love by the man she was wanting ever since. How can she softened his heart if he hated her the most?

Date Started: 07/08/22
Date Finished: /--/--/