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The Ecstasy Of Faking It

Authors: Zangata101

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 03-02-2023

Status: Completed

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Emily Bennett thinks Charles Morrison is the love of her life, but what do you do when the love of your life suddenly breaks up with you?
Fake date the guy he despises the most? That's exactly what she does. But who said fake dating a badboy was easy?

Adrian Mackey is the true definition of trouble. He skips class, starts fights, talks back to everyone and definitely doesn't give two fucks about what people say about him. He and Charles have hated each other throughout highschool, so yeah, he agrees to fake date Charlie's ex just to piss him off but why is he starting to enjoy all of it?

Warning: this story contains strong language, drug abuse, bullying, violence and sexual content.


Chapter 1: Let's break up.

Chapter 2: Betrayed.

Chapter 3: Something in Common.

Chapter 4: invitation.

Chapter 5: Humiliated.

Exclusive: Not In This World, Sweetheart.

Chapter 6: After rain smell.

Chapter 7: Wanna bet?

Chapter 8: How's that for proof.

Chapter 9: Boy in my bedroom.

Chapter 10: From bad to worse.

Chapter 11: About last night.

Chapter 12: Fake couple's quarrel.

Chapter 13: Badass.

Chapter 14: The bonfire.

Chapter 15: That kiss.

Chapter 16: If I die tonight.

Chapter 17: Falling.

Chapter 18: Daring.

Chapter 19: New York City.

Chapter 20: Chicken out.

Chapter 21: I Kissed those lips.

Chapter 22: Home sweet home.

Chapter 23: I hate you.

Chapter 24: Anti-hero.

Chapter 25: This here is a party.

Chapter 26: For real this time.

Chapter 27: Partners in crime.

Chapter 28: Words I couldn't take back.

Story Branch: You love her, dumbass.

Chapter 29: Yet again.

Chapter 30: My favorite drug.

Chapter 31: Don wannabe.

Chapter 32: Didn't sign up for this shit.

Chapter 33: Charles Morrison was dead meat.

Chapter 34: Worst betrayal since Emily and Charlie.

Chapter 35: Honesty.

Chapter 36: Real.

Chapter 37: The what ifs.

Chapter 38: Adrian's first.

Chapter 39: Mystery of love.

Chapter 40: Show me.

Chapter 41: Prom.

Chapter 42: Lethal promises.

Exclusive: A Teenager In Love.

Chapter 43: Graduation.

Chapter 44: No goodbyes.

Chapter 45: In The End. Part 1.

Chapter 46: In The End. Part 2.

Alternative Ending Part 1: Bad Liar.

Alternative Ending Part 2: The Love We Shared.

Bonus Chapter.


Story Branch: Drunk In New York City.