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The Dom and The Daddy

Authors: JoyMartinez1975

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 13-01-2023

Status: Completed

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This story is a work of fiction for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered a how to manual for bdsm.

Zee wants to find love, only problem is his type of love comes with strings, ropes to be more precise. As a sex club owner and Dom, Zee isn't exactly what most people would call relationship material. Saint on the other hand, was born to be in a relationship. As a single father, he just wants to find a partner who can be there for the long haul. His 5 yr old daughter, Mia comes before everything and everyone. Can this odd couple find common ground to build on, or will their differences keep them apart. Comic relief and support provided by best friends Perth and Mew 🤩
Can the Dom and the Daddy find what they both need in each other arms, stick around and find out!