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The Devil's Touch (Completed) ✔

Authors: Lil_Miss_Zee

Genre: New Adult

Update: 05-04-2022

Status: Completed

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Rose has always been afraid of living. Her father had abused her in ways that left her broken. She feared that once she experience true happiness her father would destroy it. He had taken everything from her even her innocence.

Rose carried the secret like a heavy burden. She was always surrounded b family, friends even workers but she couldn't tell them because she knew she was broken. She knew she was damaged goods. Who would want to be around someone like that? Until everything changed. She blossomed under the care of Mr Black. An Italian billionaire mafia boss/tech genius.

He claimed her but to what extent? What do you do when the woman who was meant to be your queen is on the Russians hot list? Do you go to wbar or do you sell her?

Follow the story of twist and turns. Will the Devil claim his queen or is doomed from the start?

#2 -Tech -12/06/2020
#1 - Hades - 25/02/2021