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The British girl (Katsuki Bakugou x reader)

Authors: kpopanime96

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 29-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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This is a Fem reader story!

The will be Swearing, sexual themes, smut, possible cringe cause well my humor is questionable and possible touchy subjects. This story is for 18+ peeps!

After being a sidekick for a 4 of years in England and keeping the streets of London safe you have been asked to transfer to Japan to work with pro hero Deku. Why? well you do exceptional work, you speak fluent japanese (thank you anime!) and because your boss seems to have had enough of you (rude haha). So without further adoo let's get this started!

Also I don't own my hero academia or the characters! any videos or images are not owned by me so please support the creators!