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The Alpha Saw Me Naked | On Hold

Authors: Love_Yourself_10_x

Genre: Werewolf

Update: 11-08-2021

Status: Ongoing

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"You are mine, Ari." He said, growling in my neck. "Mine to touch, worship, love, admire and spoil." His arms went around my waist and he pinned my against the wall, burying his face in my neck.

He bit my neck playfully and I gasped, clenching his shoulders for support. Then he licked the wound to ease the sting and nipped on it teasingly. His hand moved under my shirt to caress my skin and he started leaving wet kisses up my neck to my lower jaw.

I moaned in pleasure when his lips met mine and cupped his face with my palm. He grabbed my butt and lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around him. He pressed me against the wall and bit my lip, stealing another moan from me.

"Only I, can make you moan like this." He growled. "Remember Ari, NO ONE but I, can touch you like this," his hand moved up to brush against my breast and I moaned as my body shivered.

"As I said, you are mine. And today I'll prove that to you."

Before I could comprehend what he meant, I felt a sharp pain in my neck as his canines sank in my flesh and I screamed out in absolute bliss.


Arianna has always loved Ashton. Ever since they were kids, he was all she wanted.

But for Ashton, Arianna was like the forbidden love. She was human. He was a werewolf. And how could he love someone knowing he had a mate somewhere out there?

So he pushed her away. He showed her he didn't care. He slept with the school's slut. He insulted her and he had her feel neglected.

But he kept telling himself it was for the best.

Little did he know, she was his mate.

But was only once he was 16 and he had successfully pushed her away enough to make her hate him, did he realize the truth.

All he was left with was a broken heart, a human mate that hated him and his unquenchable repentance.

Will he be able to fight the barriers he made her put up? Or will he lose her for the good?

Read to find out in "The Alpha Saw Me Naked".


Chapter One: Payback Is A bitch And So Are You

Chapter Two: I Don't Text To Exercise My Fingers

Chapter Three: The Only Thing That Hoe Manages To Turn On Is My Middle Finger

Chapter Four: Go Boys, Have Some Fun

Chapter Five: Best Friends Sniff Each Other Right?

Chapter Six: The Only Thing That Manages To Lose Weight Is My Wallet

Chapter Seven(1): Stop Staring At Her Like She's The Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey

Chapter Seven(2): The Night Is Young and So Are We My Amigos

Chapter Eight: Don't Tell Her Sniff Her, Okay? It's The Top Secret Between us

Chapter Nine: If This Is What Being Robbed Feels like, Rob Me Everyday

Chapter Ten: Hello? You're Currently Speaking to Ari's Pimp. How May I Help You?

Chapter Eleven: Taylor Swift Better Start Preparing A Break-Up Anthem For Me

Chapter Twelve: All That Estrogen Ain't Gonna Stay Inside For Long You Know

author's note

Chapter Thirteen: I Have a Better Chance of Getting Tanned By My Phone's Light

Chapter Fourteen: Petting a Wolf Who Is Bigger Than Me Like My Dog

Chapter Fifteen: Which Should Be Your Hogwarts House?

Chapter Sixteen: Whaddup T-shirt Reference!

Chapter Seventeen: If the Powers of the Witches Dissipate, we'll all Go Down

Chapter Eighteen: Buckle Up Girl, Things Are Gonna Get Really Hard For You

Chapter Nineteen: You Are An Oreo

Chapter Twenty: Her Legs Are Like Police Stations, Open for Anyone At Anytime


Chapter Twenty One: "Cat Caught Your Tongue?"

Chapter Twenty Two: Basically, he had his Resting Bitch face on

Chapter Twenty Three: The Old Daphnee Can't Come To The Phone Rightnow.

Chapter Twenty Four: Are You Lindsay Lohan? Because Your Limit Does not Exist

Chapter Twenty Five: I Am On Wattpad, Nothing Shocks Me Anymore

Chapter Twenty Six: I Almost Took Her Right There And Then

Chapter Twenty Seven: You Can Expect Me To Knock You Up By The End Of This Day

Chapter Twenty Eight: Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Tell Me Who's Slutiest Of All

Chapter Twenty Nine: Even Trump's Election Was A Better News Than This

Chapter Thirty: Feisty, huh?