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The Addams Family - Serpent Lover

Authors: Chetsi_99

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 18-11-2021

Status: Ongoing

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Malinda Addams, a Herpetologist specialized in care for serpents has been living away from her family for unknown number of years now. The youngest Addams in the generation- sister of Gomez and Fester Addams had been missing until the begining of this year... when they found her located in Kenya, studying and working with a Reptile care centre.

But now that Fester has finally found the right woman in Dementia, Cousin Itt's child's nanny, another wedding is to be had in the Addams family.

Malinda is invited for a wedding the second time this year and she decides to join in the horrid celebration and face her family after being apart for so many years.

How will her brothers Gomez and Fester react to her peculiarly changed personality?

And how will she make everyone see the good in strange, dangerous things?