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That night...✓

Authors: dara_symi

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 18-11-2022

Status: Completed

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He looked confused.

"She's y- your-" I gulped. "My what Aurora?!" He exclaimed angrily.

I jumped. "Don't raise your voice at me! She's your daughter! The one night stand created her!" I yelled but not loud enough for any one else to hear.

"What the-" he paused and looked at Ivory.

I watched him silently. He turned to me again.

"Would you say something?" I asked getting nervous.

"What do you want me to fucking say?" He asked.

"I don't know....." I trailed off.

Humans make mistakes..... right? Yes, so therefore three people made mistakes that night.

Logan made the first mistake.
He cheated on Aurora.

Aurora made the next mistake.
She drank to forget the mistake Logan made.

Ethan, the school's bad boy made the last mistake.
He slept with Aurora without a condom.

You know what that means yea?
You're right, a baby comes.

Ivory comes. (Baby gender revealed 😑)

Aurora didn't tell the bad boy she was pregnant for him.

But now she has the baby and she has to tell him right?

I mean it's the only sane thing to do

DNA is one of the solutions of course but not when the child looks exactly like Ethan. 😉.

The bad boy is obviously not the most sociable person so it wasn't easy of course.

For heaven's sake he doesn't even know this girl.

But y'all agree that it's not easy to remember a one night stand when you've had many? Well....he remembered actually.

Let's get into the story peeps!!!!
See you there 😊