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Tgcf x Male Reader

Authors: -coffeebreaktime

Genre: Adventure

Update: 23-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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I dont see many Male reader tgcf fanfictions so I thought to just make on
for fun. This is a hualian x Male reader fanfic!!
(L/N) (M/N), a powerful ghost who is steps away from the devastation rank travels boredly from town to town and surCheely meets a certain crowned prince and an overprotective ghost he knew all to well along the way who he decides to stay with out of curiosity.

but what can you say? Curiosity killed the cat.

but pleasure seemed to bring it back.

(Long chapters but few parts so far)

#1 huacheng- 10/16/22
#1 Nanfeng- 10/23/22