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Tears of Joy:Michael Jackson and Tatiana Thumbtzen Story Continues

Authors: AmieHampton

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 16-11-2022

Status: Completed

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They are about to start their life's together after she finish college and she pursue her dreams but the nightmare comes back to hunt her.


Chapter 1:Life Begins

Chapter 2:The Graduation

Update:The Poem

Chapter 3:Meeting Ryan White

Chapters 4:Goodbye Ryan White

Chapter 5:Goodbye Ryan White Part 2

Chapter 6:Recording New Music

Chapter 7:Discover the Truth

Chapter 8:Tragedy Strike for the Family

Chapter 9: Memory Return

Chapter 10:Goodbye Grandmother

Chapter 11:The Struggle

Chapter 12:Doing Demos

Chapter 15:Dreams Comes True

Chapter 16:Reunited At Last, But Secret Past Confronted

Chapter 17:Big Day

Chapter 18:Big Day Part 2

Chapter 19:First Television Debut

Chapter 20: Debut Album Release Date Announced


Chapter 21:Big Secret But Trouble Are Coming

Poem Number 2

Chapter 22:Big Shocking Secret Revealed

Chapter 23:The Fallout of Revealed

Chapter 24:Photoshoot Drama

Poem Number 3

Chapter 25:New Album Released

Chapter 26:Family Emergency

Chapter 27:Birthday Nightmare Part 1

Chapter 28:Birthday Nightmare Part 2

Chapter 29:Face To Face: Blackmailed

Chapter 30:Worst Fear Ever

Poem Number 4

Chapter 31:Fight To Survive

Chapter 32:Confessions from The Diary Revealed

Chapter 33:Tour Postponed

Chapter 34: Keep a Secret

Chapter 35:Be Found Safe

Chapter 36:The Betrayal

Chapter 37:Brothers Fight

Chapter 38:Secret Health Battle and Affair Is Revealed

Chapter 39:Keep the Faith

Chapter 40:Return to the Spotlight and Address The Announcement

Chapter 41:Emotional Performance

Chapter 42:Wedding Day Part 1

Chapter 43: Wedding Day Part 2

Chapter 44: Forgiven, But Not Forget

Poem Number 5

Chapter 45:Father and Daughter Reunion Backfired

Chapter 46:Honeymoon

Chapter 47: Dying

Chapter 48: Goodbye Mother

Chapter 49:Back In The Studio

Chapter 50:Dangerous World Tour

Chapter 51: Struggle to Move On

Chapter 52: The Statement

Chapter 53: 15th Birthday

Chapter 54: Get in Trouble

Chapter 55:Explaining to Do

Chapter 56: Stir Trouble

Chapter 57:Been Exposed

Chapter 58: Return to Stage

Chapter 59:Get Suspending

Chapter 60:New Album Promo Disaster

Chapter 61:Fallout

Chapter 62: Discover The Truth

Chapter 63: Tour Announcement

Chapter 64: Rehearsal Nightmare

Chapter 65: Explaining To Do

Chapter 66: Explaining To Do(Part 2)

Chapter 67: Fallout from Shocking Past Revealed and Tour Disaster

Chapter 68: Confronted

Chapter 69:Confronted: The Truth Part 2

Chapter 70:Confronted Part 3 and Bombshell

Chapter 71: Big Revealed

Chapter 72: Finally Getting Caught

Chapter 73: Tough Decision Shock The Family Part 1

Chapter 74: Tough Decision That Shock The Family: Concludes

Chapter 75: The Conclusion Completed