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Tanner's Torment (Kingston Series #2) ✔️

Authors: unknownn2020

Genre: New Adult

Update: 18-02-2022

Status: Completed

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Kingston Series #2



Ellie and Tanner went through everything together. They were hot and heavy in love before breaking apart and going their separate ways. Ellie left with a secret, and Tanner has no idea what's in store for him. All he knows is that he misses her and wants her back.

So what happens when 3 years, a NFL quarterback, a ER nurse and a small secret mix?

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*Mature Scenes and themes*


I look at his sleeping figure and I know in my heart that he's my kid. Looking to the left I see a small girl behind Ellie. The child can't see me but, that doesn't stop me from looking at her.

Holy shit, she has my eyes. How in the hell does she have my eyes? She looks just like Ellie, from her brown hair to her tan skin, to the way she talks. How is this possible?

Looking down I see my daughter raise up and kiss Ellie on the cheek and saying "Promise!" while smiling. My heart stops as my eyes fill with tears. She talks just like Ellie, she smiles just like Ellie.

Ellie sits beside her and watches her fall asleep before turning around. She has major explaining to do.

"You...we...I... have children, you didn't tell me?" is the only thing I can rasp out with tears threatening to escape my eyes. The only thing I have cried for is Ellie but, right now I want to cry for my kids. I know they are mine, in my gut I know it.