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Sweet Temptation (ongoing)

Authors: drinkingapplejuice

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 02-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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Kira is a sweet and kind artist. She loves to paint and loves reading romance novels. She radiates innocence and sensuality. A nightmarish past haunts her yet her kindness and optimism for life keeps her strong. She made a promise to her mother that she will break free from her darkness.

Knight is heartbreakingly gorgeous and equally blessed with vicious rage, wicked words and sinful seductiveness. He excuses desire and dominance. There is bad in him that will destroy the sweetest of things. He's hiding a secret and it's a reality that makes him want to believe life is meaningless.

Kira and Knight are two fools lost in the dangerous game of love. Their attraction to one another is instant, blinding them from the secrets and nightmares they are hiding, letting themselves get lost in the paradise of euphoria. Kira is hiding a heartbreaking secret and Knight is determined to set it free.

But what if...her secret and her true-self is set free by not one, but two friends.