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Soulmates // Johnlock

Authors: BlindBirdy

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 06-08-2022

Status: Completed

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-Johnlock Fanfic-

🍩-What if in an alternate reality people have visual signs of soulmates identity? Names written on their wrists?

🍪-And what if William Sherlock Scott Holmes has a mysterious name in his wrist that he cannot find it's owner?-"Who names their kid Hamish?"-Although for him is easy having liberal parents that aren't homophobic.

🍘-But for John H. Watson it is different!- "William? A BOY!"-His parents are flustered and after Harriet (Johns sister) they are even more!

🥯-John doesn't believe in these kind of stuff and has given up before even starting and Sherlock is married to his work. But John is looking for a flatmate and Mike takes him to Sherlock...

🥮-After the worst case John has ever faced a certain detective tries to cheer his blogger by filling up a Christmas to-do list which was given him for a reason! Read to learn more about this awesome 'way' of them finding each other and their happiness

-'Because sometimes when you don't look for it...It finds it's way to you!'-

Enjoy 🥂