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Son of Poseidon (PercyJackson x Batfam)

Authors: EthanVenlivrenVari

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 13-04-2023

Status: Completed

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Perseus Jackson is not a perfect hero, but a scarred, broken, and battle-hardened demigod, the only survivor of The Seven after the Last War.

Blaming himself for his friends' deaths, he goes to find comfort in his family, only returning to find them murdered, all except for his baby sister Estelle.

Separated from her, Percy's new home shows to be a living Hell. Constantly wearing down as he tries to protect the other kids, he always puts them before himself. But then something happens: Percy finds himself taken in by the Wayne's, Gotham's protectors, the family who have taken in his sister.

And after days of planning, he takes up a mantle in his lost loved one's name, vowing to protect the innocent. Because he knows that's what he was made to do. He was made to protect.

Battling crime with his new team and family, and many months and near-death experiences later, the question is: Will he learn to love again?

⚠WARNING⚠: Panic attacks, PTSD, and such will be included in this, as Percy is still suffering from the wars

(DC and Percy Jackson belong to their respective creators, they do not belong to me)

Started: February 2021
Finished: July 23 2021

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