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Read Snow (A Snow White Remix) -

Snow (A Snow White Remix)

Authors: CayleighKennedy

Genre: General Fiction

Update: 08-05-2023

Status: Completed

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After her father's tragic passing, Nora Davis is forced behind the scenes, nothing more than a stepping stone for others in their journey to stardom. When an opportunity presents itself, Nora, trapped under her stepmother's heel, takes it as her chance to build her own name.

Eli is the son of the successful Leonger family. He has never noticed the mousey songwriter Nora... until a chance encounter in class sets them on a new path together. In a kingdom filled with social media and fame, Nora is a breath of fresh air. She sets his creative mind racing and helps him finally create his own music.

Hanging out with one of the kingdom's most famous teens has put a spotlight on Nora. Now, her own family's secret is at risk. One that threatens to derail her career before it has even started.

The Anonymous Series Book 4