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Silent Shadows: Book One - Echoes of the Flame

Authors: DeathMetalDramaQueen

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 24-05-2023

Status: Completed

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Sunpaw and Shimmerpaw are inseparable. Not a single thing could break their sisterly bond. They've been together since birth, and have been the closest companions. Though kithood, through apprenticehood, through everything. There's just one thing, though.

Tensions have been rising between BlazeClan and NightClan. No cat knows exactly what caused the conflict, all they know is that Pebblestar is the one who started the battles and he will not stop until both Clans are destroyed. But why only them? Why not SeaClan or PrairieClan? And what caused his wrath? The sisters are eager to know. And so when they set out for answers, they end up discovering a disturbing secret about their family. But tensions are growing higher and higher now, and Sunpaw and Shimmerpaw soon find themselves fighting not only for their own lives, but for everyone.

(This is just a rewrite for a super old fic so yeah)

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