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Breaking the Silence

Authors: Cavalier_Spaniel

Genre: Werewolf

Update: 10-05-2023

Status: Completed

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After a terrible car accident when she was seven, Eirenae's life got turned upside down. Her father changed everything, becoming rotten and abusive to the point it caused her to stop speaking entirely. Eleven years later and she still lives by his rules, trapped under his thumb. She has nowhere to go; no life outside the awful one she's forced into at home, and any time she tries to speak, her voice fails her. Without much hope left, she suffers in silence. Until moving to a new town changes everything.

Arriving at her new school, Eirenae immediately catches the attention of six students. They're the nicest anyone has ever been to her, but everything about them strikes her funny: they're naturally perfect, have insane athletic reflexes, and they keep using strange words like "Alpha", "Luna", and "pack". On top of it all, their eyes horrifyingly seem to change color and no matter how much she runs or gives hints she should be left alone, they won't stop being overly friendly.

No one seems to be willing to explain anything to her, so maybe it's time to bring her life back into her own hands, discover what has been hiding from her past, and let herself be rescued. . . and maybe not particularly in that order!


-Book 1
-Precedes "Fatal War"
-Started: August, 2018
- Completed: May 1st, 2019
- Rewritten: May 2nd, 2022
-Published: February 18th, 2023
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