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She's No Woman [Inotan]

Authors: eatyaheart

Genre: New Adult

Update: 20-03-2023

Status: Ongoing

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"My name is Inosuke..." I noticed her voice sounded masculine. "And, uhm, I'm not, actually a girl..." She confessed obviously embarrassed, or should I say he?

Inosuke works as a maid at the Kocho's Butterfly Mansion. The thing is, Inosuke isn't a woman, she's a man! But the job pays well, and Inosuke needs to put bread on the table. One day, three guests arrive at the mansion, one of the said guests takes a liking to Inosuke, Tanjiro Kamado. But what does Tanjiro do when he finds out she's no woman?

[Inotan] [KNY AU]