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Pyrophis : The City of Fire

Authors: kaygarza

Genre: Historical Fiction

Update: 30-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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The City of Fire was built on top of a volcano that was once home to the great serpent, Pyrophis. Its inhabitants were asked to keep worshiping the dragon in worry of it coming back to wreak havoc on the land once more. The stories told were meant to instill fear into the citizens to keep the deity happy.

The royal family were supposed to be the only ones who knew the truth. However over the years, the stories became muddled and continuously changed to fit the likes of changing times. The stories were still there, just hidden deep in the tunnels that led down to the underground volcano. The stone tablets were forgetten, collecting dust and ash as they laid untouched in the catacombs.

The truth was always something that would come up. Whether it be as an enlightenment to someone involved or in a sick and twisted way; the truth is something that will not stay hidden. Especially not when someone is looking for it. If using the truth is the only way to save those around them, then one must use it. Even if it means forgetting all that you knew.