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Playing Cupid 💘. |COMPLETED✔️|

Authors: blxxming_rxse

Genre: New Adult

Update: 18-11-2022

Status: Completed

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It was one of those celebratory nights of Chris and his teammates at , the local dinner. They were a whole chaos of drunkards and noise but people didn't mind, in the midst of their chant,Chris has a small gentle tug of his jersey and turns to a beautiful and adorable baby with a toothless grin who says


In his drunken state he's able to make sense of it and he's shock is confirmed by the silence that his teammates give him

"Monkey l told you not to wonder around." Kira's concerned voice breaks the silence and attracts Chris' attention

She quickly apologizes and carries Kayla out of the chaos without taking a second glance and she's oblivious of the drama,the chaos and roller coaster of emotions that are going to follow.

Maybe the synopsis a little off but the book is better trust me
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Started July 2020
Finished September 2020

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