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Player In Love? ✏️

Authors: Faith_H

Genre: New Adult

Update: 01-02-2023

Status: Ongoing

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"Listen, I want you and only you." He said huskily.

I couldn't stop the blush from filling my cheeks. He was standing in front of me, shirtless and enticing. He took a few steps closer so we were directly in front of each other. Kellin places his arms on both sides of my body, pushing against the couch. As he slowly leans towards me I can feel his body heat run off of him, which causes electrifying chills to run down my body.

He presses his lips softly against mine, teasing me as he slowly pulls away. That small action makes me crave him even more.

"Katherine." He says deeply, gently caressing the right side of my cheek.

"Yeah?" I whisper.

"I want you."
I was told Kellin Sill would disappoint me. My mother told me he would be like my father; he would leave. I was told he would cheat. He would never change for a simple, scarred girl with a past.

I heard about his reputation and all the girls he's been with.

Everyone warned me. I knew it was risky to date a player. I had a hunch it wouldn't last.

I was just so desperate for love, I couldn't resist him.

I decided to trust him and let him in. He was the only person I opened up too.

I was foolish for that decision.

*Warning* May contain some mature content and language.