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past life

Authors: euphoriaxxss01

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 08-01-2023

Status: Ongoing

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A simple girl had lost her mom and dad early and started to grow up bye her step mom. She get Nothing but harrasment a lot, that little girl have to work in a cafe for money. But oneday she met the boy,sever of her life Jeon jungkook the mafia king. But the first wasn't easy for her..
Y/n- please don't do this..!! I'm shivering in cold
That night later
Jungkook- what happened to you..!! Hey wake up
Jimin- what have you done with her
In the day in hospital
Doctor- sorry we couldn't save her
Jungkook hold doctors shirt
Jungkook- i don't know save her
Jungkook pov- why I'm worrying about her..!!
6 years later
Phone rang !!!!!
??- hello
Otp- hello Is this Kim y/n?
??- yes I'm
She has already died before 6 years how could that possible
Did she comeback, but how
To know this checkout this story...
Hope I will not disappoint you all

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