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Out of Your Mind

Authors: shortytolentino

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 09-08-2022

Status: Ongoing

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[y/n] is the school counselor at UA high school. Her quirk makes her a much needed part in the system, allowing her to calm the rowdy, hormonal students whenever it's needed. This year isn't any different, but something about the hero class 1-A is much more interesting than any of the other classes in her time at UA.

A/N: I'm no writer, but I read a ton of fanfics so I'm hoping this is written well enough.

Some spoilers for the anime. I won't change the storyline, just go along with it.

At most is a curse word or two and some sexual innuendos. At some point I'd like it to get a little NSFW and 18+ for some sections, if I remember, I'll try to put warnings :)

My hyperfixation on Aizawa is through the roof rn, thank you for indulging me lol

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