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On the lookout for a family

Authors: nesllatee

Genre: General Fiction

Update: 08-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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After the sudden disappearance of her mother, Dalia, who was living in the suburbs, was found in the streets and adopted by one of the counts of Meyin, Reyes. Dalia was so scared to be adopted by them and to live with them because she knew about their fame, yet, she went with them.

The Reyes was known for their incredible amount and ability to control mana, but also known for their strict way of teaching their respective heirs. Dalia then started to live with the Reyes and learn about their strict lifestyle.

Despite being treated as one of the family by the Reyes, Dalia was still bullied by the high society for being adopted. Many nobles would question the count since what was the point of adopting her if an illegitimate child could never be an heir?

Dalia was still very intrigued by the sudden disappearance of her mother and couldn't wait to start looking for her. She was training herself with the Reyes so she could be prepared to go on the lookout for her mother and yet known, the only family she accepted.