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Read Not Your Choreboy✔ |《Sanji x Reader》 -

Not Your Choreboy✔ |《Sanji x Reader》

Authors: Cuteamvz

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 13-09-2022

Status: Ongoing

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When Sanji meets a girl whom he presumes is a boy who wants to learn how to be a skilful cook. He takes you in aboard the ship on a deal that you would in return help set him up with your beautiful older sister. Once you come to realise how how much you've started to like Sanji and his crewmates living with them in the thousand sunny during the time of you spent as his 'choreboy.' You grow envious of your sister and his obvious infatuation for her.

Coming to realise that Sanji and all the other strawhats genuinely believed that you were just a boy, despite how time has passed will you tell him the truth or leave the strawhats in fear of their judgement?

🏷 generally a slow-burner.
🏷 enemies to lovers (?)
🏷 Sanji is very cold at the start in this story. If you're not into that, I do not recommend for any sensitive readers out there :-}