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Night of Secrets (Night of Secrets #1)

Authors: words_for_food

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 11-07-2022

Status: Completed

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Another year, another three letters to write and never send.

Since freshman year, Adeline Stargate has made it a tradition to write letters to each of her three friends telling them what she hated the most about them that school year. After her junior year, she decides this is a tradition that needs to end and is set on burning all nine letters at the end-of-the-year bonfire. But when one of her friends happens to find one of the letters and reads it, her plans - and friendships - are ruined.

Or at least changed.

Jax Inkrose, an old childhood friend, decides to turn this into a night to reconnect and share secrets. For each letter Adeline reads to him, he'll share his own secret. Nine secrets for nine letters. Seems fair. But as the night goes on, Adeline realizes there are some secrets she's even hidden from herself and isn't too sure that she wants Jax to know about them. Or herself for that matter.

Cover credit: @readerforforever