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network connection, TOMMYINNIT

Authors: kkayla-kaspbrak

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 05-10-2022

Status: Ongoing

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when toby smith meets the online persona, lupinslover, he absolutely loves her (platonically of course). he trusts her immediately, and begins to understand the term, platonic soulmates. toby valued her company so dearly, he couldn't help but introduce her to all of his other friends.

toby and tommy balance out each other quite perfectly; and they think of each other more like brothers rather then best friends. when tommy meets lupins, of course he's not shocked at them getting along; but it's how seamlessly the two bounce off each other that keeps him up. it was like the two just clicked!

but tommy is the last person on earth to believe in true love. sure, love exists, but it fades. and don't even get him started on "soulmates'. so hearing lupins gush, blush, and romanticize, his eyes practically roll into the back of his head.

but if soulmates aren't real, why do they think the same? and why are there so many little synchronicities between the two? it's like the ground underneath tommy is shaking him, trying to make him finally understand the obvious.

but will he be too late?

tommyinnit x female oc!
kkayla-kaspbrak © 2020
start: jan. 2021
end: [ongoing]