ReadMyth | TaeKook/VKook - (Werewolf) [COMPLETED] ✔️ | Taekooktrash_tk

Read Myth | TaeKook/VKook - (Werewolf) [COMPLETED] ✔️ -

Myth | TaeKook/VKook - (Werewolf) [COMPLETED] ✔️

Authors: Taekooktrash_tk

Genre: Werewolf

Update: 25-05-2022

Status: Completed

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"What are you doing here? Do I know you?", Jungkook rose a brow, sassing on his mate.

Taehyung immediately hover above him, hands appreciating his curve while his lips were only an inch apart.

"I'm your fellow pack member your highness", his lips ghost around younger's. "And I found you quite irresistible. Wanna have a taste of you", he whispered, lips brushing with one another.


In the world where Pure Blood considered to be the most rarest and powerful predators, there was somebody more powerful, controller of the elements and said to be the biggest threat in werewolves kind but those stories were just limited to books, considered as "MYTH".

So is there anybody more powerful than a Pure blood? Or is that really a myth/story or rumor created just to satisfy the egos of normal Alphas that Pure blood aren't the only powerful ones among their kind.


This book has mature content from chapter 1 and every chapter will have these contents. If you're under 18, I request you to ignore this book. Please don't report it coz you're warned. All 18+ Enjoy the book.

Pairing in the book:

toptae / Bottomkook
topsuga / Bottomjimin
toprm / Bottomjin

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