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My Oh My ✾ Sonia x Male Reader

Authors: YunalescaSkylark

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 04-01-2023

Status: Completed

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Being single ever since birth isn't that bad.

Sonia likes the feeling of being single but of course, that has got to get ruined thanks to her so called, "supportive" friends who is "helping" her in getting to a relationship.

Sonia appreciates that but there are times that she just wanna say to them that she really didn't mind not having a boyfriend.

However, that changes when she met a man who is older than her not just by a few years but twenty years! And that is so bad because the man she has fallen for is a single dad with a five year old son.

Who is that man you ask?

Why, it's none other than Daddy Y/n Ketchum, of course.

• This book is discontinued forever.
• Cover for this book was created by @Juni_Penguin_