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My Mate is Married?

Authors: worksofheart1770

Genre: Werewolf

Update: 14-02-2022

Status: Completed

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A man walked towards my mate as he called out to her.
"Who's that" I whispered.
"Oh that ..... that would be my husband." She said slowly

Husband...... a husband mate has a HUSBAND.

What happens when your mate has already found 'the one'. When the one person in this world that is meant to bring you happiness has already committed to another.

Alpha Ace will need to figure out what to do once he finds his beautiful married mate!

Warning : I feel like the beginning is maybe a little slow but it gives the information you need for the story - so keep reading it gets better !! 😀

So this is my first ever wattpad story.
I've used wattpad for a while now for reading and it's been a great stress reliever in my life. I figured I'd give writing a try. Please be kind as most of my chapters will be unedited.

I really appreciate any advice/ guidance from any readers or writers out there!!

Highest Ranking: #1 in lust !! 💗

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Remember this is a mature book intended for 18+ readers.