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Read My mate - Accept or reject -

My mate - Accept or reject

Authors: FriendsIsEverything

Genre: Werewolf

Update: 10-04-2022

Status: Completed

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I had known who my mate was ever since I was 18, but we are not a couple. He's my brother's best friend, and in addition he's the alpha for The Moonlight Pack, but that's not the problem, no problem is that my mate is a huge PLAYER.
Now you're probably think that this is one of those cliché stories of rejection, where the girl devastated after the rejection flee. But that is not the case, NO, I have decided that I will not give my mate the chance to reject me.

And I have succeeded for 9 months, but now I am forced to participate in The Mating Game. Which is about finding ones mate, and yes my mate also participate. Can I still keep away from him? Would he let me?

This is the sequel to *Claim what's MINE* - But you don't have to read CWM first. Since the stories can be read as separate stories

Hope you enjoy