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My Father's Diary

Authors: emuifaz

Genre: Teen Fiction

Update: 19-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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"Some small incidents change our life completely. Some small incidents bring out the brutal truth."

My name is Rahiya.
The scariest incident of my life happened when I was only 12 years old.It was my father's accident. The accident that killed my father. The accident that took my father away from me forever.Is it really a accident?? Or is it a planned murder??

After my father's death, I was mentally depressed. I stopped to take my meal. It went on like this for several years. Then I gradually got over the grief of my father's death.

After my father's death, I received a lot of support and comfort from my friends, specially from Aiden.

After 5 years later, when I'm busy in changing my house, I find a diary. It's my father's diary. I opened it and surprised. I can't say anything at that moment. I was shocked after reading my father's diary.

Why did Rahiya shock after reading the diary?? What was really written in the diary??