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My Blind Alpha

Authors: samantha2430

Genre: Werewolf

Update: 28-09-2018

Status: Ongoing

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katie woodland
is 18
has no mate
and just moved to washington to the wet weather state. her parents died when she was young and has nightmares of when her pack got attacked by rouges. she has a brother who is 14 and hasnt shifted yet so making it her bussness to teach and take care of him is at top of her list. shes a badass with a attitude but is caring perosn inside. she strong trained and loving but you have to do alot for her attention.

Logan brooks
is 20yrs old
has not found his . mate and is scared of reject because of him being blind. he is a strong alpha who is feared for being known as powerful and gives no mercy to rouges. the doctors said he could have a possibility in getting his sigh back if he found his mate but chances are slight. he has given up hope on finding his mate but that all changes when he finds kate and sets out to keep her and hope she doesnt. reject him.