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Read my alpha mate saved me -

my alpha mate saved me

Authors: princessamber123

Genre: Werewolf

Update: 12-10-2022

Status: Completed

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cassie white was 10 years old when her mother kassandra white passed away. ever since her mothers death cassie has been abused emotionally and physically by her father the beta of moonlight pack. the only light left in her life is her little brother Keaton who is 5 years old and she tries to protect him and mother him as best as she can do, whilst trying to shield him from all the bad in the world. she doesnt believe she will have a mate and believes if she does she will be rejected like her father says.

alpha kane is the most ruthless and cruel alpha out there. he has the strongest pack in the world. he may be ruthless and feared in the world but he cares about his pack more then anyone even knows.His pack fear him but respect him. however what everyone doesnt know apart from his best friend beta Jason is that he is looking for his mate and wishes she would come soon. underneath all this bad boy face is a man who wishes to love someone and to be loved and have a reason apart from protecting his pack to stay in this world. he wants his mate and to have pups running around. since losing his mother and father in a rogue attack he became cold and ruthless. the only person that he allows near him is his beta jason as he is the only person he can tolerate.

with cassie being so scared of males from what her father treated her like will she be able to trust alpha kane? and will alpha kane be able to get the truth out of her for why she is so scare of all males...?? If he does what will he do?

Do not read if your under 18 sexual content ahead.