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Read Must Reads On Wattpad! COMPLETED BOOKS -

Must Reads On Wattpad! COMPLETED BOOKS

Authors: llavishhx

Genre: Diverse Lit

Update: 13-10-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Are you having trouble finding a new book? Well, you're in luck. Here's a collection of some amazing books I've personally read on Wattpad, I strongly recommend you read all of these books at some point in time.

These books are:
- placed in no particular order
- not limited to one genre
- have been completed

**Please keep in mind that this was made a few years ago, hence why some books are now part of the paid program**


P.s. I have to read a story before adding them here, as I use my own judgements for this collection.

*Also check out the books in my ongoing reading list for more options*


The Bad Boy and The Tomboy

His Mission

The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me

A Taste Of Sin

Tyler's Gem

His Miracle

Perfect Illusion

Perfect Addiction

Falling For My Brothers Bestfriend

Ace Of Spades

Angel's Bad Boy

Better Than Revenge

Bad Boy Isn't My Type


Suggestions ?¿

Stop Playing Innocent

The Girl He Never Noticed

Anxiety Attack

The Fight For Love

The Bad Boy, Sat Nav And Me

It Started With A Converse

Babysitting The Bad Boy's Little Sister

The Bro Code

Until I Met You

My Bad Boy Neighbour

Saving Sawyer

Pranking The Bad Boy

I Hate That I Love You

My Brother's Best Friend


The Bad Boy Stole My Bra


Alpha Alcander

Bad Boy Series

68 Days & Counting

Chasing Red


Baking With A Rockstar

The Bad Boy's Rules

His Blonde Little Secret

My Possessive Bodyguard


Bullied Series

Mr. Executive

Mr. and Mrs. Executive

The Bad Boy's Game

Prince With Benefits

Dear Mr. CEO

Apartment No. 4

The QB Bad Boy & Me

The QB Bad Boy: Playing For Keeps

The Bad Boy is Possessive

Queen and Knight

That Bad Boy in Glasses

Silence Series

His Unmarked Territory


Marley Meets Josh

The Code of the Alpha

It's Only Temporary


Mr. Popular and I

Once Upon A Royal One Night Stand

The Silence

The Good Girl's Bad Boys

Maybe One Day

Jake the Panty Ripper

I Fight For Her


The Cop Next Door

With Me Series

Whistle Blower

Bound: Toxic Bite

Bound: Toxic Love

In 27 Days

Saved By The Boss

The Quirky Tale of April Hale

His Surrogate

Yours, Raven

My Brother's Best Friend


My Mafia Babysitter

The Alpha Series

Nefarious: The Victim

Known Stranger

The Lonely God


Covered in Ink

C.E.N.T.U.R.I.E.S Series

Life In Colour

Someone Like Adam

Knight Family Series

Everything Happens at 2:04am

Fighter's Den Series






Without You

Beg For It


Bar Red's Redemption

Sweet Spot


His Blue

Carmichael Series

Knox's Girl (AU Version)

The First She