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Mom at sixteen ( SoMo fanfiction)

Authors: TheSoMofangirl

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 15-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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There is a sixteen year old mom who lives with her mom, her dad passed when she was little. At the age 15 she met a boy named Joseph. Joseph was a senior in high school. ( her name is Kathleen). Kathleen was junior in high school she was only 15 when she met joseph. Joseph was 17 when he met Kathleen, but during there time of hanging out Kathleen was falling for Joseph, but little did she know that Joseph had no feeling for Kathleen. But on one December 2nd 2004 Joseph and Kathleen had a one night stand, after that nigh Joseph never called, never text, never visit Kathleen. 5 weeks later Kathleen found out she was pregnant, her mom wasn't happy, Kathleen was devastated. Even though she knew who the father was, but the problem was she had no way to contact Joseph.

(2011 years later;
Kathleen is 23 years old, Joseph is 24 now.
Kathleen has a 7 year old daughter name Josie. Josie was born September 1. Ever since Kathleen had Josie she never spoke about joseph, she never said anything to her daughter...... Until she saw him after 7 year.