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Read MHA x Reader [Requests Open] -

MHA x Reader [Requests Open]

Authors: Bloodbathpsycho

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 06-04-2023

Status: Ongoing

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1. I do not own MHA/BNHA or any of the characters
2. Some of the quirks and storyline ideas are suggestions from friends and readers
3. If someone asks not to be tagged, I will simply acknowledge them as anonymous

What I will be putting in this book:
character x reader
character x reader x character
character x character
seven minutes in heaven
songfics (maybe)
***might take OC requests if given enough information

What I will not put in this book:
adult character x underage character
adult character x underage reader
***I support the Dabi is a Todoroki theory so no Dabi x Todoroki
***If ttheme is an adult character x reader, the reader will be aged up


Requests and Snacks

Emoji & Abbreviation Guide

Kirishima x Reader - Movie Night

🍋😏🎰Deku x Reader - Costume Party

💀Hawks x Dying Pro Hero Reader

🍑😏😇🎰Sub Denki x Tease Reader - My Pervert

🍋😇Aizawa x Teacher Reader - Sleeping Bag

💔Shinso x Suicidal Reader

🍑😇💀Shinso x Reader - Part 2

💢Jealous Shindo x Cheating Reader

Dabi x Kidnapped Reader - Panic Attack

Bakugo x Shy Cheerleader Reader


🚬💥Kidnapped Bakugo x Villain Reader


Iida x Popular Reader

Denki x Musician Reader

🍋😏😇Denki x Neko Reader

💥Shoji x Abused Reader

Shoji x Mute Reader

🍋Aizawa x Wife Reader - Kinks (DDLG)

💔🥺Hawks x Depressed Reader - Rainy Days

Kirishima x Injured Mermaid Reader

💀💥Yandere Villain Deku x Nomu Reader

Bakugo x Reader - Soulmate AU

💀💔💥💊Bully Bakugo x Depressed Bullied Reader

💀BakuDeku - Hanahaki Disease

Villain Shinso x Spy Reader

💀Todoroki x Dying Reader

💔🥺Bakugo x Depressed Reader - Bakugo Comforts You After a Failed Su!cide Attempt

A/N - I've got a question

Todoroki x Reader - Pickup Lines

😇🎰Todoroki x Shy Reader

Kid Shindo x Kid Reader - Maze Garden

Overhaul x Homeless Reader

Bakugo x Sick Reader

🍋Iida x Skye (OC) - Punishment

🍋😇Overhaul x Yakuza Reader

Overhaul x Reader (Part 3)

🎰Shinso x Reader

Tamaki x Gender Neutral Reader

Denki x Prankish Mermaid Reader

Spy Hawks x Villain Reader

Lifeguard Kiri x Surfer Reader - Quirkless AU

Denki x Mermaid Reader (Part 2)

Denki x Mermaid Reader (Part 3)

Kidnapped Pro Deku x Quirkless Villain Reader

Koda x Bunny Reader

🍋😇Kirishima x Reader

Hawks x Dying Pro Reader - Quirkless Disappearances

💀Hawks x Dying Pro Reader - Quirkless Disappearances (Part 2)

Kid Deku x Kid Reader x Kid Bakugo

💔💥Hawks x Abused Reader

Tutor Iida x Reader

🍔Todoroki x Anorexic Reader


💀💔Denki x Suicidal Reader

💢Cheater Todoroki x Popular Reader

💭Ochako x Fem Reader

Froppy x Fem Reader

💊Pro Hero Denki x Stripper Reader (Part 1)

💊Pro Denki Hero x Stripper Reader (Part 2)

🍑Pro Denki Hero x Stripper Reader (Part 3)


🥺💔💥💣Kirishima x Suicidal Reader - Kiri Learns You've Been SA'd

🥺Sero x Non-Binary Reader - You come out to Sero

💀Toga x Fem Reader

🍋🥺💥Aizawa x Taken Abuse Reader x Present Mic

Pro Hero Denki x Quirkless Reader

Pro Bakugo x Villain Reader - Soulmate AU Part 1

😇Pro Bakugo x Villain Reader - Soulmate AU Part 2

Aizawa x Injured Villain Reader

🍋Hawks x Male Best Friend Reader - Experimenting

Overhaul x Guilty Fiancée Reader x Shigaraki - Part 1

Overhaul x Guilty Wife Reader x Shigaraki - Part 2

Overhaul x Guilty Wife Reader x Shigaraki - Part 3

Small Might x Healer Reader

🍋Overhaul x Guilty Wife Reader x Shigaraki - Part 4

🍋Bakugo x Male Reader

Mina x Fem Reader

🥺🍔Hawks x Anorexic Reader

🍋😇 Bakugo x Male Reader

🍋Sero x Reader

💔Dabi x Villain Reader - Panic Attack (Part 2)

Present Mic x Reader

🎰Todoroki x Reader - Girlfriend

Bakugo x Reader

Hawks x Reader