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Authors: Ihavenoidea-_-

Genre: Spiritual

Update: 16-05-2022

Status: Completed

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Ali Ahmed Sheikh is a powerful businessman and simultaneous leader of one of the biggest criminal organizations. No one questions him, and what he wants is undoubtedly his. When the opportunity of defeating his father's greatest rival- Abdul Qadeer comes, he takes a step further and captures Abdul's daughter; Anaya. Ali's world is obstructed when he comes to know of a life that is vacant of felony and hatred- all in the mind of a significant woman.

Anaya Abassi Qadeer is a virtuous woman, pursuing a career in educating the youth and following the footsteps of her righteous late mother. Anaya is unknown to the fact that her father is a criminal, but by the time she gets the hint it's too late- and she's caught in the world of sinfulness, and hostility all led by a remarkable man.

Please be advised. This book does not romanticize abuse or toxic relationships in any way.