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Read Me? I'm the son of the void Anime Crossover x Bullied Male Reader  -

Me? I'm the son of the void Anime Crossover x Bullied Male Reader

Authors: UnknowingFire

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 27-01-2023

Status: Completed

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??? : M-Mom?

Y/N L/N, student of Union Acedmy is what you call the punching bag of his school. He hated life, he hated everything because they went against everything their values in that school 'to make our students into model heroes'. One day, he got tired of it, and meets someone he never expected to meet. His ***

This is the rewritten version of my old Son of the Void book.


Anime In The Story


Chapter 1- A Punching Bag, To An Enemy

Chapter 2- Coming Back New

Chapter 3- The New Boy... Or Girl

Chapter 4- Sirin/Y/N Vs The ORC

Chapter 5- Revealing Secrets


Chapter 6- Trip To The Azur Lane (Azur Lane)

Chapter 7- A Trip To the Azur Lane (Pt 2)

Chapter 8- A Trip To the Azur Lane (Pt 3)

Chapter 9- A Trip To the Azur Lane (Pt 4)

Chapter 10- The girls' first day of school

Chapter 11- I am no God, I am a Herrscher and you shall bow to me

Chapter 12- Vengance

Chapter 13- The Boy Who Lost Everything

Chapter 14- A World Of Demons (Demon Slayer Pt 1)

Chapter 15- A World Of Demons (Demon Slayer Pt 2)

Chapter 16- A world of demons Pt 3 (Demon Slayer)

Harem vote (updated)

Chapter 17- Azur Lane Fiesta!!

Chapter 18- Music, start!! (Bang Dream, Girls Band Party)

Chapter 19- My war (AOT)

Chapter 20- Titan Wars (AOT)

Character Arc Vote

Chapter 21- Judge AOT

Chapter 22- Where it ends for me (AOT)

Chapter 23- Love Of Kitsunes

Chapter 24- Iron Blooded Desires And Y/N's Herrscher Cycle

Chapter 25- Missing Pieces.

Chapter 26- It Is On D4DJ!! Pt 1

Chapter 27- Lightning Doesn't Strike The Same Place Twice.

Chapter 28- It's On, D4DJ!! Pt 2

Villain and pets Vote

Chapter 29- It's On, D4DJ!! PT 3

Chapter 30- The Will To Get Stronger

Chapter 31- Time

Chapter 32- Dying is gay, yes mother

Chapter 33- Hehe, Bad Time Go Brr

Chapter 34- I Hear The Sirens

Chapter 35- I shall now ascend

New Idea

Past Union Academy Reacts to Future Y/N

Chapter 36- Wandering Soul

Chapter 37- The Birth Of An Adepti

Y/N's Ability Breakdown

Chapter 38 - New Pets, And A Black Hedgehog?!

Chapter 39- To the land of lightning

Chapter 40- Love of the Shogun

Chapter 41 - Origin Fall

Chapter 42- World Serpent

Chapter 43- Not The Same

Chapter 44- An Imposter Among Us

Chapter 45- The way to the Infinity

Should I spoil?

Chapter 46- Goodbye... (short chapter)

Chapter 47- Please... Wake Up

Chapter 48- I am King?

Chapter 49-Zeroth Awakening

Special Chapter: New Year

Chapter 50 - Realization

Chapter 51- United

Chapter 52- Skylar Kaslana

Chapter 53- Broken Beasts

Chapter 54- Greatest Comfort.

Chapter 55- Hot Springs

Chapter 56- Spiders

Chapter 57- Mr World Wide

Chapter 58- First Attack

Chapter 59- Operation S. T. X

Chapter 60- A Raiju Descends

Chapter 61- Forbidden Happiness

Chapter 62- 2 Birds of a feather

Final Battle- Trailer

Chapter 63- School Festival? Alright then

Chapter 64- To Celine, The Greatest Sister

Chapter 65- I Do This Not For Revenge, But For Family Pt. 1

Just Asking

Chapter 66- I Do This Not For Revenge But For Family Pt 2

Chapter 67- School Festival's Trial

Chapter 68- Test To Festival Pt 1

Chapter 69(nice)- Test To Festival Pt 2

Chapter 70- Test To Festival Pt 3

Chapter 71- Trials Of The Zeroth 1/6

Chapter 72- The Angel Among Humans

Chapter 73- Linking Problems Of The Joker.

Chapter 74- Breaking Truths

Chapter 75- Even Devils Can Be Heroes (Fire Force)

Chapter 76- Awaken, The Winged Dragon Of Ra

Chapter 77- Company 5 And Attack Of Jaws

Special Chapter Happy Birthday Bismarck

Chapter 78- Egyptian Awakening

Chapter 79- Final Stop (for Now)

Chapter 80- Final Trials Of Zeroth And The Next Generation

Chapter 81- The Truth

Chapter 82- The 'END'

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