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Marvel Imagines 2

Authors: Imaginemarvel

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 16-05-2016

Status: Completed

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Made: November 5, 2015.

Completed: February 15, 2016.


Pietro Maximoff- Date

Bucky Barnes- Water


Wanda Maximoff- Hurt

Barry Allen & Pietro Maximoff- Dimension

Steve Rogers- Escape pt. 2

Grant Ward- Realize

Bucky Barnes- Stop Them pt. 2

Steve Rogers- Hydrocloric Acid

Steve Rogers- Here

Steve Rogers- Codes

Bucky Barnes- Panic

Natasha Romanoff- Assassin

The Avengers- Mariah Carey

Bucky Barnes- Coma

The Avengers- Detention

Bucky Barnes- Free Rider

Bucky Barnes- Coma pt. 2

Bucky Barnes- Hands

Steve Rogers- Wishes

Bucky Barnes- Elevator Music


Steve Rogers- Jets

Thor Odinson- Fandom

Pietro Maximoff- Fast Enough

Clint Barton- Explosion

Steve Rogers- Trap

Bucky Barnes- Rope

Bucky Barnes- Clint throwing a tantrum



Steve Rogers- Usb

The Avengers- Thanksgiving


Bucky Barnes- John Cena

Clint Barton- Avatar

Steve Rogers- Spidey

Steve Rogers- Civil Sides

Tony Stark- Christmas Trees

Pietro Maximoff- Shatter Me

The Avengers- Pistachio Ice Cream

Pietro Maximoff- If You're Going

Pietro Maximoff- Shatter Me pt. 2

Bucky Barnes- Soulmates

Bucky Barnes- Decision

Pre-serum!Steve Rogers- Date

Bucky Barnes- I promise

The Avengers- Defender of Fun

Steve Rogers- Soulmates

Steve Rogers- Bomb

Bucky Barnes- Betrayal


The Avengers- Hogwarts

The Avengers- You Remeber When

The Avengers- Nerf War

The Avengers- Camp Halfblood

Steve Rogers- Hijacked

The Avengers- Scorch Trials


Steve Rogers- Leaves

Peggy Carter- Stop Worrying


Steve Rogers- Finals

The Avengers- Star Wars

Bucky Barnes- Pretend

Steve Rogers- Paper Stars

Bucky Barnes- Soulmates


Thor- Rain

The Avengers- Eggnog

The Avengers- Christmas Shopping


The Avengers- Adopt

Steve Rogers- Text Message

Clint Barton- Soulmates

Tony Stark- Soulmates

Sam Wilson- Race

Bucky Barnes- Mistletoe

Pietro Maximoff- Mistletoe

Thor- Mistletoe

Steve Rogers- Mistletoe

Natasha Romanoff- Soulmates

Wanda Maximoff- Soulmates

Loki Laufeyson- Soulmates

Steve Rogers- Merry Christmas

Clint Barton- Mistletoe

Bucky Barnes- Soulmates

The Avengers- Food Disaster

Bucky Barnes- Color Soulmates

Bucky Barnes- Color Soulmates pt. 2


Bucky Barnes- Model


Tony Stark- Hotline Bling

Clint Barton- Umbrella

Steve Rogers- Machines

Bucky Barnes- Phone

Clint Barton- Umbrella pt. 2

Natasha Romanoff- Last Time

Natasha Romanoff- Last Time

Steve Rogers- The Base

Tony Stark- Invisible

Steve Rogers- Color Soulmates



Bucky Barnes- After All

Bucky Barnes- Sick

Bucky Barnes- Protection Squad

Steve Rogers- Sick

Clint Barton- Hot

Steve Rogers- New Years

Bucky Barnes- New Years


Thor Odinson- Surprises

Bucky Barnes- Peter Pan

Tony Stark- Kissing Booth

Bucky Barnes- Arm Wrestling

Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes- Just a Couple of Guys being Dudes

Natasha Romanoff- Is this Live

Steve Rogers- Ark Kansas

Tony Stark- Hey, Tony

Bucky Barnes- You Started It

Bucky Barnes- Myth


Bucky's Protection Squad

Steve Rogers- The one that got away

Steve Rogers- I don't Wike it

Tony Stark- Reflection

Steve Rogers- Stubbed Toe

Loki Laufeyson- My Purpose

Clint Barton- Spider

Steve Rogers- Captain Freaking America

Wanda Maximoff- The Closet

Steve Rogers- I Forgive You


Steve Rogers- Fifty Seconds

Steve Rogere- Why You Always Lyin'

Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes- Snapchat

Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers- Computers

Steve Rogers- Volleyball

Steve Rogers- Well Done

Steve Rogers- Volleyball pt. 2

Clint Barton- Little Angel

Natasha Romanoff- Phone Conversations

Steve Rogers- Volleyball pt. 3

Stucky Special

Pietro Maximoff- You Did It

Steve Rogers- Date


Steve Rogers & Thor Odinson- McDonald's


Pietro Maximoff- It's My Fault

Steve Rogers- Take Me To Church

The Avengers- Green Arrow

Bucky Barnes- Death of a Bachelor

Steve Rogers- Volleyball pt. 4

Steve Rogers- Volleyball pt. 5

Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers- Smol Sinnabun

Bucky Barnes- He Remembers

The Avengers- The Pancake Squad

Steve Rogers- No Matter What

Bucky Barnes- He Remembers pt. 2

The Avengers- HYDRA-lishious

Stucky- Pancakes

Stucky- Pizza


Author Notes Which Is Very Important

Pietro Maximoff- Red Death

Bucky Barnes- Tired Of Waiting

The Avengers- Swim

Clint Barton-Witch

Loki Laufeyson- If You Like It

Tony Stark- Spin The Bottle

Clint Barton- Hold This

Bucky Barnes- You Are One Hot Tamale

Tony Stark- Spin The Bottle pt. 2

Pietro Maximoff- More Then A Boyfriend

The Avengers Thing

The Avengers- Paintball

Bucky Barnes- On A Scale

Steve Rogers- FBI's Most Wanted

Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers- Heelys

Pietro Maximoff- Shoulder Game

Clint Barton- Back Then


Bucky Barnes- It's A Date

Loki Laufeyson- Prison Breakers

Steve Rogers- How Punk I Am

Bucky Barnes- Annihilator

Bucky Barnes- Ghouls

The Avengers- Languages

Loki Laufeyson- Nick McFlurry

Steve Rogers & Tony Stark- So Was I


Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers- Soulmates

Bucky Barnes- What Friends Are For

Clint Barton- Chicken Nuggests

Tony Stark- Smoothie Disaster

Pietro Maximoff- But You're Not

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