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Male Saiyan reader x Female Goku

Authors: Mutedboy

Genre: Fanfiction

Update: 28-08-2020

Status: Completed

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(Y/N) born as a mute was firstly abused by his foster family because of him being too strong. Soon his foster family was killed, (Y/N) was officially broken because, the only member in the family that showed love and compassion was his Little brother, Jack. After his death, (Y/N) began to suffer so much Mentally than physical. So he Chose to cope with it, via self infliction. After arriving on earth years later, He meets a beautiful and strong woman named Goki. Who may potentially be able to save (Y/N), from hating and blaming himself for everything.

⚠ Contains Self harm
Depression and lots and lots of blood. so click away if it disturbs you. ⚠

I Don't own dragon ball, only the story...