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Maki's Lucid Dreams

Authors: amazing_maki

Genre: Diverse Lit

Update: 20-11-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Maki Tayaka, pink haired lifeless looking ass bitch, wears oversized long-sleeved hoodies and leggings.

She's in her 20s and she doesn't know what to do in her life.

She's been having weird lucid dreams lately. Fever dreams, nightmares or just a weird one.

Wanna see what she dreams about?

> Ive been playing roblox roleplay games, I always use my oc, "Maki T." because yes.
> Whenever I do serious roleplay on roblox such as "Starship Roleplay: HCR - 146 Emissary" and "Clear skies over Milwaukee".
> But I'll make this story interesting ig.

> Also uhm, there's mature content so I suggest reading this at your risk.

- August 14, 2022 -