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Lucky Peasant Woman: Raising kids and making wealth

Authors: NekoCatleya

Genre: Historical Fiction

Update: 14-10-2022

Status: Ongoing

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Ater blowing up the car of her husband and his mistress. Gu Chunzhu a business entrepreneur, opened her eyes and transmigrated to Xiaohetou Village, Ming Dynasty which was not in history.

Having a crippled husband, two small skinny children. A thatched house that seemed to collapse anytime and will leak when it rains.

It won't be easy...

Novel not mine.
Translations by me.
[NekoCat Translations] // Fan made

Author: Fish flavored pork.
Originally a CN novel.
Chinese title: 旺家农妇:养包子发大财
Author: 鱼香肉丝包

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Chapter 1: Poor home

Chapter 2: Mrs Su visits

Chapter 3: Two Children

Chapter 4: Is it really Mother

Chapter 5: Meat buns

Chapter 6: The children's father is back

Chapter 7: Honest man

Chapter 8: Entering the mountains again

Chapter 9

Chapter 10: Catching Shrimp

Chapter 11: Qiu shi

Chapter 12: Borrowing Seedlings

Chapter 13: Taxes

Chapter 14: Difficult in selling

Chapter 15: The vegetable seedlings were pulled out

Chapter 16: Imitation

Chapter 17: Paying filial piety

Chapter 18: Beatean Qui

Chapter 19: Eating braised pork

Chapter 20: The Children

Chapter 21 Selling game in Xiyinglou

Chapter 22: Skinning Technique

Chapter 23: Who the hell is it?


Chapter 24: I'll get my things back!

Chapter 25: Xiaocheng got a nosebleed

Chapter 26: Rage

Chapter 27: Not fat

Chapter 28 The Kind Man is Smart

Chapter 29 Qiu's greed for money,

Chapter 30: Did the money have a name on it

Chapter 31: Simple life

Chapter 32: Change

Chapter 33. Making winter clothes

Chapter 34: Dead Shrimps

Chapter 35: Something wrong with what she sent

Chapter 36: Spending faster than earning

Chapter 37: Disgusted Old Mrs Su

Chapter 38 influence on official career

Chapter 39: Frivolous

Chapter 40: Seeking trouble

Chapter 41: Boss Lòng

Chapter 42: Qui's Instigation,

Chapter 43:Being tough

Chapter 44: Carrying Rice

Chapter 45: Turned out to be cousins

Chapter 46: Thinking about Su Wanqin

Chapter 47: Hao's surprise visit

Chapter 48: The Sloppy Hao

Chapter 49: Every item has weakness 一物降一物

Chapter 50: The dog bullies the tiger

Chapter 51: Unsold river shrimp

Chapter 52: Su Wangqin


Chapter 53: Su Wanqing protect his wife

Chapter 54: Takes out the kitchen knife

Chapter 55: Thinking of moving out

Chapter 56: Pickled cabbage is ready!

Chapter 57: Going to the county Alone

Chapter 57: Going to the County Alone (2)

Chapter 58: Stopped on the road (1)

Chapter 58 Stopped on the Road

Chapter 59

Chapter 60